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Fire Fighting Training and Emergency Evacuation Drill

    On 6th September, 2017, at 09:00 a.m., Kohala Management Department organized a “Fire Fighting and Prevention Training” and a “Fire Emergency Evacuation Drill” for 25 Chinese and 4 local employees in Muzaffarabad.

Session 1: Training

At the given time, all the Chinese and the local employees gathered at the meeting room. The HSE manager Mr. Faisal trained the attendees regarding the topic.

Firstly, he emphasized the goal of this training and the drill, and then detailed the guide lines of the basic concept of fire triangle, basic fire-fighting rules, types of fire extinguishers, their inspection and safety tips regarding the fire prevention.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure was explained as well. Videos were also played to show the “PASS Procedure” for operating the fire extinguishers and the “Procedure of the Emergency Evacuation of the Building”.

25 Chinese and 4 local employees attended the training

HSE manager showing how to use a fire extinguisher

Session 2: Evacuation Drill

After the training session, all the attendants were grouped in 4 groups, one at each floor of the building. The emergency evacuation routes were explained to each group in advance.

Upon hearing the emergency alarm, the house-keeper quickly switched off the main power supply of the building, all the Chinese evacuated the building in less than two minutes following the designed escape routes, and gathered at the “Assembly Area”.

After receiving the confirmation that all the doors were closed and nobody was left behind in the room at each floor, HSE department then assessed the performance of today’s drill.

The training and the emergency evacuation drill was proved to be effective, as all the attendants participated with keen interest. The Participants also learnt more about the Safety Tips of controlling and preventing the fire and the safe rules of evacuating the buildings in case of any emergency.

www649netAssessing performance after the evacuation drill


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